X Block

"First thing I noticed was the front of the soundstage moving a bit further away from me and sound becoming bit less palpable. I personally really care about these particular qualities of the sound. In this particular case something strange happens – front of the soundstage seems further away and yet instruments feel more present, more natural. (...) they added even more depth, more body, more “normality” to the instruments. (...) With them in place sound becomes clearer, better defined, more natural. One can better hear the acoustic surrounding of the instrument. Despite the fact that the front of the stage moves bit further away from a listener everything seems clearer and, paradoxically, closer. Its like the better defined contours of each instrument pulled them out of the background. I repeated the test many times with the same effects each time. I really liked what I heard. There was no device and no recording that wouldn't be positively influenced by X Blocks. These seemed to always be “music-friendly”. W. Pacula Highfidelity.pl


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X Block is a passive EMI/RFI filter that operates by transforming interference into heat. The solutions used in it are as effective as those utilized in X Bulk, but without necessarily connecting it to the mass of the device. It has to be emphasized that X Block is not an equivalent to X Bulk, but works as its supplement – it operates in a spectrum that is not reached by X Bulk. Similarly, X Block cannot replace X Bulk. However, they work extremely effectively together. X Block's function is to collect the interference that gathers and is emitted inside the device, for example, the interference originating from the power and digital unit that impacts the analog unit negatively. X Block can be used by placing it on the cover of the device above the power supply, above the analog unit or in the optimal place decided by the user, based on his experience. It can be heard how much interference can still be eliminated, which highly benefits the reception of music.
"X-Block transformed the sound produced by ARC system to a much higher level. It eliminated all the granulation and impurities in the middle in a silky and tangible manner. At the same time it didn't lighten or slim down the sound. It improved all the aspects of the sound, including the dynamics, especially in micro scale. It is especially significant, how it improved the purity and natural feel of the sound, as well as how it perfected the placement of the instruments on the scene. In effect, the scene became bigger and more spacious, and the whole sound gained much more freedom. The easiest way to describe this effect is a better disconnection of the sound from the speaker itself and a tangible step towards eliminating the barrier between the listener and the action on the scene. It improved all the aspects of the sound, including widening and strengthening the control over bass."
Source: quote from the review
X Block does not contain any electronic components, capacitors, transformers etc. It is completely passive. The enclosure is made of exotic merbau wood.
We advise to use X Block with amplifiers, power amplifiers, CD players, DAC, preamplifiers, power supplies etc.
It is advisable to place an X Block on every device of the system, the absolute minimum is the CD player or DAC.
Size:14cm x 4cm x 20cm
Warning! X Block should not be placed on devices that heat up. The maximum temperature it works in is 55 degrees Celsius.
You can use under X Block small silicon o-rings for tubes for example to save from heat.

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