„For the first time since mixing the material at Hansa Tone Studios in Berlin (the album "BRIDGES" was released on ACT Music 28 August 2015 year.) had I the opportunity to listen to my album on such a supreme audio system. During recordings we used an analogue SSL mixer, tube preamps and microphones of the highest quality, all to get this audiophile quality of the material being recorded. While listening on a system supported by all Verictum products, led by Demiurg power cable, I’ve had an impression of communing with a live band one on one. Every tiny articulation detail we utilized during playing, even those on the verge of silence, was audible. Also the sounds of similar register coming from other instruments had their own space and did not overlap each other.
I’m glad that the hard work we put into recording an album of the highest possible quality of sound did not go to waste, since there is an audio system, which is capable of doing justice to the effects of our work.”

Adam Bałdych.




"There are no accidental result when product are prepared by companies that know what they do and understand the tools they use. Verictum has worked out their own sound strategy and knows how to do it. Believe me, there are not many such companies on the market, therefore, the greater respect I have for the crew of this Polish brand."

Wojciech Pacuła - Highfidelity.pl







Verictum is a brand of LCM company.


Verictum was created from a combination of two Latin words : Veri (really) and Ictum (works)


Verictum mainly use technological base Commercial Technology Group Sp. z o.o .


A few words about technological base CTG.

The main scientific, research-related and technical facility of this Cieszyn-based company is CTG – Research and Development Center Wrocław Technology Park S.A. - Beta Building, address: ul. Klecińska 125 54-413 Wrocław.

Within the scope of its research and development work, CTG developed and implemented, among others, innovative intelligent street light controllers with dedicated light sources. They enable control and full two-way communication of road surface state, for example for each light source, i.e. a lamp. The controllers enable two-way transmission of information via lamp power line, thanks to the innovative active interference filters developed by CTG Company. It is a unique solution both in Europe and globally.

The Verictum products are developed by itself, but based also on research and experiments performed by CTG Sp. z o.o. Commercial Technology Group in the fields of signal and energy transmission, interference suppression and wave control propagation. They were carried out within the framework of projects related to energy industry and ICT. The CTG Company engineering staff consists of a research and implementation team. The team members specialize in the fields of electronics, telecommunications technology, IT and physics. They develop the CTG Company projects. They have made significant progress and produced results in the field of high technology. Verictum derives from those technologies and invents innovative solutions based on them, while successfully transferring them to audio products.

The brand name for solutions used in Verictum products is Technology X.


Verictum combines the long-term research and experience in many branches of industry with practical implementation of them into audio equipment and devices. It allows the Verictum products to fully incorporate the cutting-edge technology and to utilize solutions that have never been used in the audio field, specifically not in the high–end sound sub-field. The Verictum products are a result of a long-term audiophile passion of the company owners and partners. It resulted in transferring those experiences and solutions to the audio field using the best project methods, as well as extensive lab and measurement analyses. However, the final result was achieved mainly through evaluation by experienced audiophiles during direct playbacks of diverse systems in a wide range of environments.


Technology X.


Technology X is a cutting-edge technology that suppresses the degrading effects of electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI). The technology consists of a wide range of processes and materials that were developed during long-term research performed by the company. Its composition and technological process is constantly modified, depending on the synergy effect desired for a specific usage. It is worth mentioning that high technology constantly develops and becomes popular in basically every aspect of life, for example the signal transmission, and its level is constantly on the rise. This contributes to the fact that the negative influence of EMI in the audio field is also increasing. The Verictum brand aims to neutralize the negative influence of interference on our audio systems.


The majority of our products is hand-manufactured, due to the fact that some of the production techniques we use cannot be performed by a machine. We mainly use natural materials, including fine wood varieties, such as merbau. We treat them using natural, artisanal methods.


The Verictum products are characteristic for spectacular improvement of the reproduced sound, its realism, three-dimensional qualities, as well as materialization of the scene and spatial effects, while preserving the correct, full timbre.


We guarantee the opportunity to lend each device in our offer in order to try it out at home using your sound system. We wish you much enjoyment while using our products and devices.


The Verictum Team.


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