Cogitari SX ULTIMATE power distributor

"In this short text I was able to just touch the surface of what the Verictum Cogitari can do. I am impressed by how it changes the performance of such an expensive system as mine. It does it with grace, gently leading listeners to the sunny side of the street. It modifies the sound towards the richness and sweetness. (...) Which, to be honest, would be very appropriate, since the set of qualities that Verictum presents is exactly what the Japanese top specialist manufacturers focus their efforts on, and I mean such manufacturers as: Kondo, Leben, SPEC, Reimyo (Harmonix) and others." W. Pacula

Demiurg SP

"IT IS POSSIBLE THAT it is the most important feature of this cable - the ability, rare in audio, to introduce the listener to the music world of a given album in a smooth, but also sure way. The cable is a bit "sweet", it also tends to smooth the attack of the sound, but it does it not "against" the music, but "with” it. Compared to the reference cable, which is many times more expensive, it did not show any major differences, neither in tonality nor dynamics, which puts it in a very good light."

X Bulk

" Long story short – everything seemed bigger, closer and richer. Since similar effects could be achieved in many ways, including also introduction of some coloration to the sound, I spent quite some time trying to establish beyond doubt how this change of performance was achieved. It seemed that what really caused this improvement was based on a better sound resolution. What filters did with music I could compare to switching from listening to mp3 files to listening to CDs. Sound became richer, deeper, more saturated, denser. (...) These filters do something that is difficult to achieve with basic elements of the system, as to achieve such improvements we would have to pay a few times more for each of them." "The X Bulk Gold causes the music to "expand". I do not find another word that would accurately describe the effect I have heard. Please close your eyes and imagine the lace - a really pretty lace. Now put it down - still in your mind - on the table and cover it with glass. It's still the same lace, but it's different. The filter in question acts in the opposite direction, as if we removed the glass, and the lace returned to its natural, three dimensional state. The instruments are better differentiated with it, both in time, i.e. they have more distinct characteristics related to impact and pitch, to tempo, and so on, as well as to space, because their bodies are better defined." W. Pacula

Aria power conditioner

What matters most are colors, vividness and smoothness. It's a real high-end level of performance. W. Pacula

Arbiter SX - NEW

"It is no coincidence that I compared the Arbiter directly with my reference cables, including three-and-half times more expensive Siltech Triple Crown.(...) It is a cable playing presenting a wide stage, with nice bass extension, without emphasizing this sub-range, but delivering it with good resolution. (...) it's sonic character is closer to the Dutch reference chord. It's smooth, silky, well organized and with a wide band. It offers proper pulse and drive, although these aspects are signaled subcutaneously here, being a base of bigger events, and not creating accurate, contouring accents. (...) Verictum has worked out their own sound strategy and knows how to do it. Believe me, there are not many such companies on the market, therefore, the greater respect I have for the crew of this Polish brand. " W. Pacula

X Fuse

"At the same time, the midrange becomes denser. The piano in jazz recordings had a more present “body”, it was not just another layer of the recording. The differentiation of the musical message was significantly better. (...) X Fuse gave it more freedom and, at the same time, removed dirt from the stressed sibilants – the treble was still too strong, but did not attract attention. Bass also changes in a very interesting way. (...) There is not more or less bass, but the way of presentation of the sounds attack changes. With X Fuse it is softer and less contour. It is closer to what I know from reality. However, this is why it is not as explicit as with an ordinary fuse. One needs to know how the double bass and piano sound to appreciate X Fuse. (...) X Fuse changes sound clearly – it is ca. 5% of the sound of even very expensive products, which is a lot, indeed. It makes sound denser, more substantial and makes less mess in the treble." W. Pacula

X Block

"First thing I noticed was the front of the soundstage moving a bit further away from me and sound becoming bit less palpable. I personally really care about these particular qualities of the sound. In this particular case something strange happens – front of the soundstage seems further away and yet instruments feel more present, more natural. (...) they added even more depth, more body, more “normality” to the instruments. (...) With them in place sound becomes clearer, better defined, more natural. One can better hear the acoustic surrounding of the instrument. Despite the fact that the front of the stage moves bit further away from a listener everything seems clearer and, paradoxically, closer. Its like the better defined contours of each instrument pulled them out of the background. I repeated the test many times with the same effects each time. I really liked what I heard. There was no device and no recording that wouldn't be positively influenced by X Blocks. These seemed to always be “music-friendly”. W. Pacula


"Demiurg's sound quality is defined by its remarkable selectivity and its ability to present even smallest changes of dynamics and rhythm, its ability to deliver all, even tiniest details, that with other cables seems to be hidden somewhere under other, more distinct elements. (...) I think this cable is so special because of purity of the sound and remarkable definition. The other cables I compared it to are also great in these respect and I didn't think there was any room for improvement until I did head-to-head with Demiurg. At first this difference seems insignificant, difficult to even notice. But once you catch it doing quick comparison it will become obvious that this might be a reason to pick one or the other of these cables. Demiurg (...) power cord matched the performance of the best cables I know" W. Pacula

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