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Power system Verictum - AWARDS 2017


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X Bulki and X Blocki are now in the 6moons Srajan Ebaen reference system  !
X Block now are in the reference system Wojtek Pacula !
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RED Fingerprint for X Bulk Silver !
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15 czerwca 2015
HiFi Philosophy
„For the first time since mixing the material at Hansa Tone Studios in Berlin had I the opportunity to listen to my album on such a supreme audio system. During recordings we used an analogue SSL mixer, tube preamps and microphones of the highest quality, all to get this audiophile quality of the material being recorded. While listening on a system supported by all Verictum products, led by Demiurg power cable, I’ve had an impression of communing with a live band one on one. Every tiny articulation detail we utilized during playing, even those on the verge of silence, was audible. Also the sounds of similar register coming from other instruments had their own space and did not overlap each other.
I’m glad that the hard work we put into recording an album of the highest possible quality of sound did not go to waste, since there is an audio system, which is capable of doing justice to the effects of our work.”
Adam Bałdych.

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