I guess every audiophile knows that audio equipment is based on the flow of electricity between the various components of the audio system. Electricity supplied from the power grid directly enters interferences to the audio system from the network caused by industry, neighbors, etc.
So we have a disruptive current like water in the river, which carries all the pollution of civilization from its "dirty" environment.
We do not drink directly from polluted rivers because it is harmful. Similarly, the "contaminated" current supplied to our audio devices does not serve well to play music. If we do not take care of the "clean" current we will not be able to help the best amplifiers, sound sources, loudspeaker cables or interconnects, etc. Our system will never play optimally.
This is the right moment to say that the foundation for the quality and soundness of the audio system (apart the appropriate room acoustics) is the "cleanness and calority" of the current. That is why it is important to be able to skilfully and effectively get rid of EMI / RFI interference. For this purpose, specialized and properly tuned power cables are required, such as e.g. Demiurg with passive filters and specialized EMI / RFI filters such as X Bulk and X Block.
It is a prerequisite and basic condition to clean the current from interference from "entering" devices and to eliminate the interference generated by the equipment itself, and especially its power supplies.
Shielding power transformers in audio equipment can not eliminate the noise that generates. The measurements prove that the lowest frequency is the hardest to shield, and that is the frequency of the mains, ie 50Hz.
Therefore, the transformer's construction in a copper mug device, etc., is just an alibi that something in this direction has been done, but these are not effective treatments.
As a result, unfortunately, the power supply inside the device is another noise generator that needs to be addressed to have the highest sound quality.
In Verictum we have taken a comprehensive fight against these adverse audio disturbances. We offer top-notch power cables with passive  EMI / RFI filters - the first and most important element of "dirty" current filtering. Another filter is the filter built into our network strip and the    X Bulk Gold passive network filter connected to it. The filter built into the network strip is designed to absorb external interference and X Bulk Gold collects interference from PE wires. Then they are X Silver Bulks, we connect them to the mass of each device in the system, so they drain and eliminate the noise accumulated in the mass of equipment.
We have now got rid of the disturbances in the way of powering the audio equipment. This is of course a necessary condition, but unfortunately not enough. That's why the X Block is located directly above the power supply of any system device, captures and effectively eliminates the interference generated by the internal power of the devices. Now we can fully hear what our audio system sounds like.
Such a comprehensive at point and effective elimination of interference allows literally to enter the musicians into the room. The level of reality of musical events becomes as palpable as never before.
Music takes color, three-dimensional, solid, texture, dynamics, purity and transparency, and above all naturalness. After getting rid of the disturbances, for example, the top of the band seems to be less, but we hear much more information and colors there. Interconnecting wires, loudspeaker cables or active filtering are not able to replace our filters, and with this comprehensive distortion you will discover the full potential of your audio system and consciously start progressing along the way you listen to and appreciate real music.
We recommend comprehensive use of our filters in your system. By eliminating interference, the truth about our system and its configuration will be revealed. If we did not make a mistake when setting up the system, we would have heard unprecedented progress. If there are errors, they will be clearly shown, so you will develop your system consciously, correcting them, and within your capabilities you will gain unprecedented progress. Do not be afraid of the truth about your system if you are serious about listening to the highest level of music and want to reach its maximum potential.

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